High School Girls

by Whales

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These are some songs we never got around to releasing in our time as a band. We hope people will enjoy this last batch of songs, because we're all proud of these last few songs.


released August 29, 2013

Anthony Patten - Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Hunter Lynch - Bass/Model
Adam West - Drums/Vocals/Trumpet
Jordan Faour - Guitar/Vocals

Anthony Patten and Adam West recorded and mixed these songs.

Sabrina Teeple took the picture of Hunter that we used for the album cover.

Thanks to everyone who played with us, booked us, watched us, took pictures or videos, or simply supported us in any way. Big shout out to Jack Middike, Justin Smitherman, Liana McFaden (Momma Bear), everyone in Saint Louis, Lafayette, and Texas. We met a lot of great dudes along the way as Whales and we are excited to keep going in our new bands.



all rights reserved


Whales Houston, Texas

Whales was a band that had the same name as 30 other bands. We loved what we did and hope you will too.

2010-2013 (plus a few reunions)

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Track Name: Mouth
sometimes the creatures take the time to mute my mouth,
i resort to acronyms that refuse to make any sense at all,
sometimes when you take the time to recognize my mouth,
you pressed yours up against mine in a fashion we knew so well

why dont you ever go home, where you are never alone?
why dont you ever go home, when you know you are one of us?

how could you say those things that may tear apart at the seams?
the worst things has yet to come, but you will know when you are done
Track Name: BlkMtlPtyRck
i see them walking in the street saying to me,
theres not enough for the both of us on this sidewalk end,
this time

i cannot hide this feelings i have inside,
this dreary silence, i cant deny


i see them walking,
where my neighbor once lived

i see them walking on their own,
where my neighbor once lived, my best friend is gone
Track Name: Surf's Up (Bruh Bruh)
green is a cheat,
having to spend your time as the colors of the leaves,
and you try not to blend in with so many other things

and i finally found enough confidence to tell you how much you mean inside my head,
it doesnt mean anything if only said,
like a breath of fresh water in my lungs again

blues whachya do,
every time i look at you,
every time i look at you,
every time you seem so blue
Track Name: Get Some Sleep
why dontchya help me,
im trying to get some sleep,
to pass the time youd be wastin on me

oh, what a delicacy,
it is to see,
your face in such a crowded place,
the city space

my hearts lonely,
ill breathe a little louder,
my lungs will keep it company,
for the time being