Rain Dance

by Whales

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This EP was written during the time period that the Houston area went though a major drought over the summer and spring of 2011. We really went through a total transformation of our sound from the first EP to this one. Enjoy!


released November 3, 2011

Anthony Patten - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Bells, Keys
Jordan Faour - Guitar, Vocals, Bells
Hunter Lynch - Bass
Adam West - Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Skramansion and Anthony's House by Anthony Patten, Jordan Faour, and Adam West.



all rights reserved


Whales Houston, Texas

Whales was a band that had the same name as 30 other bands. We loved what we did and hope you will too.

2010-2013 (plus a few reunions)

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Track Name: Storm Clouds
"Hey Anthony, is it raining outside?"
Track Name: Grew Poos (Grow Up)
Last night I found you,
Trapped in my head trying figure out things, to do.

Track Name: Finally, Rain
I've already dug this deep,
But look on the bright side,
I could always dig just a little deeper.

And when you turn around,
and I can no longer see,
your face such a crowed place.

Can you feel the rain?!

Turn what you want on me,
I'll never turn around,
I won't let you down.
Track Name: Juggalettes
I'm not sorry for the way I am,
I'm just trying to come out alright.
I am sorry the change in plans,
I should have told you when we were together last night.

I'm not sorry!
(Do bop bop bop, Do bop bop)
Track Name: Fox & Hound
Do you remember the ruby sky,
and all the random clouds that got in the way?
Do you remember the ruby sky?
The playing of cascading charades played tricks on my eyes.

To my chagrin, an angry fox in a fiery dream,
Told me to walk through that door way,
and find what it means to make a friend.
(Do you remember the ruby sky?)
Track Name: Clear Skies
I'm not there for everything that you want me to be for.
There is not enough, love in this world.
I'm just trying to say what's on my head,
I'm just trying to say...